Buying a home

We can help you find the perfect home, make sure you get the best price, and ensure the transaction runs smoothly from start to finish.


At Service First, we serve all of Western Washington with over 40 years of customer service and real estate experience. Using that combined experience, Our Team will work with you through every step to make buying your home as smooth as possible.

Our Team will demystify the potentially intimidating process of buying a home. We will listen to your needs and wants, apply inside knowledge to help you sort through potential homes and guide you through the purchase process.

How do we create a positive home buying experience?

  • We have a custom First Time Home Buyer Program with tools and information to guide you.
  • We work with an extensive network of professional partners.
  • We have a streamlined buying and selling process.
  • We believe in education every step of the way.

The Buyer’s Road Map

Buying a Home, Buyer's Road Map

Here are some ways Service First can help you buy your perfect home


Understanding Your Needs

The Service First Real Estate Team will consult with you to learn the details about your ideal home. There are important factors that may affect your next move. Questions such as: Do you have a home to sell? What is your timeline? Have you spoken to a financial professional? Our team will help you navigate through the list of needs, wants and wishes that make up your perfect home. We will let you know what services to expect from us and educate you on the process, local market trends, as well as what’s available in your target area.

Area Knowledge

Being active members in our communities lends to our extensive knowledge of the local and surrounding markets. Using this knowledge, we work with you to select homes in your target area. We will help to discern what homes meet your needs and as many of your wants as possible. 


Negotiating Contracts

We have over 80 combined years of customer service and real estate backgrounds. Your Service First team members are experienced negotiators and can be an invaluable ally in this area. Having dealt with the obstacles that hinder real estate transactions, we will be adept at finding solutions. Emotions can often overwhelm when making such a large decision and it’s smart to rely on an independent voice of reason.

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