Your Pierce County Real Estate Specialists

Our goal is to put "Service First" with unwavering determination and passion for the real estate industry and family, friends and the local community.

Joseph Romero, Owner/Broker

Cell: (206) 412-0169

I have been part of the service industry most of my life. The journey itself has been amazing, full of great people and memorable experiences. What I bring to the table is a dedication to high standards of service, a loyalty to those I serve, and a commitment to get the job done. It’s not simply a job to me, it’s delivering on trust.

During my career I have had the opportunity to be part of the most joyous micro moments in people’s lives. I take the understanding, unwavering determination, and unbridled passion for making the micro moments lasting memories to the real estate industry. The lasting impression in life’s massive moments have drawn me to the continued excellence in serving family, friends, and the community of people I have been a part of and continue to grow into.

Joseph Romero, broker, real estate specialists

Kirk Sundberg, Owner/Designated Broker

Cell: (253) 335-2158

I have lived most of my life in the Puget Sound Region. My wife and I have been married for over 34 years. We enjoy camping, traveling, walking our neighborhood and meeting people. I am the “honey do” for several widows and single moms that we know. My daughter and her husband and granddaughter live in Covington.

Upon retirement from the U.S. Coast Guard in 1998, I worked at the Port of Tacoma as a maintenance manager during start up operation. During that time, I realized I had a passion to work with people. I was able to translate my contract negotiation skills from Coast Guard repair contracting and terminal start up contracts to real estate. I was first licensed as a real estate agent in 2002. I earned my Senior Real Estate Specialist designation in January of 2005 and received my Managing Broker’s License in August of 2005. I enjoy working with first time home buyer’s, providing education along the way but reveling in handing over the first set of keys to a new home.

I have an extensive knowledge of neighborhoods from Federal Way to Graham. As the owner of several condominiums, I appreciate the special requirements of condo sellers & buyers. I have worked with seniors in manufactured home sales and have an appreciation and understanding  that helps me manage these transactions. As a Member of the USAA and Navy Federal Credit Union Affinity Program, I routinely work with and understand the special circumstances of military members.

Kirk Sundberg, Managing Broker, Real Estate Specialists

Elizabeth Pollard, Broker

Cell: (253) 375-3306
With over 20 years of customer service, sales and attention to detail. I’ve built my business on structure, loyalty, and devotion. In doing so, I can assure you that I will dedicate myself to my clients throughout the entire process. I pride myself when I say, It’s truly about teamwork! Together we can start the path of bringing your dreams to reality. My utmost priority and commitment are to my clients. I will continue to educate myself to provide the most up to date information and innovative resource giving my clients a distinct advantage. I am ready to assist in making a sound and well-informed decision when it comes to Selling, Purchasing or Investing in Real Estate.

I’m vivacious with a huge appetite for life! I have a wonderful family that I absolutely adore. They consistently inspire me to be the best version of myself I can be. My husband and I love watching our daughter play softball, traveling, camping and doing anything outdoors together.

Meeting new people is also a passion of mine, I’m not one to say, goodbye when the transaction is complete I simply say, “til we meet again” when one door closes the next is waiting to open and I walk away knowing that I have met extraordinary people. I also believe the power of a smile is more than we could possibly imagine, just the feeling of someone smiling at you is delightful.

Kirk Sundberg, Managing Broker, Real Estate Specialists

Brian Slete, Broker

Cell: (253) 951-7754

I have loved living in the South Sound for the majority of my life. In my professional career, I have spent over 20 years in the service industry. It has given me the ability to listen and understand my client’s wants and needs. From those 20 years of working in customer service, I have found fulfillment in helping people celebrate all of life’s different moments.  I pride myself on always being genuine, truthful, and dedicated to those around me.

I have a passion for continuous self-improvement and in 2017 I accomplished a goal of obtaining my MBA. Every week I find something new and unique that I have not done before. I strongly believe in having a positive mindset and enjoying life while focusing on being present in each moment. It is with great honor that I seek to serve my clients as they make some of the biggest decisions in their lives.  Buying or selling a home is one of life’s biggest moments and I look forward to providing great service before, during, and after the experience.

Kirk Sundberg, Managing Broker, Real Estate Specialists

I appreciate that immensely as often in our industry thanks and accolades are often forgotten. I share the same patient sentiment with your professionalism as you expressed on the card. Most agents would have not let the process take its course and either blown up at the lender or the title company in this case, which gets no one anywhere.

Arle S.

Cooperating Lender